I believe in deep connections. To nature and to each other.

Profound experiences in epic places… that’s kind of my thing.

that's kind of my thing.

And if you’ve made it to this page…

To have made it to this website means that you’re considering a brave leap away from tradition and societal expectation. To courageously embark upon a marriage that feels authentic. Your love story is an adventure, and your wedding should be too. So let’s work together to create something of value and substance that you’ll remember forever. 

I’m so glad you’re here.


Hey. I’m Ginger.

A Nature Nerd who loves campfires, topographic maps, paperback sci-fi novels,
and a good wool sweater

"Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, Adventure."
-Albus Dumbledore

Hey. I’m Ginger.

A Nature Nerd who loves campfires, topographic maps and a good wool sweater… and birds.

It started rather simply. I agreed to take some photos on a beach in Northern California for my friends’ vow renewal. They didn’t really know where to go or how to approach it, so I stepped in and organized the whole affair. 

We decided on a secluded beach (with awesome tide pools… because Nature Nerd), and it was an absolutely magical experience.

After delivering their photographs, I never looked back.

Enter adventure elopements and all that they can encompass.

Soooo… I’m a bit of a conundrum as a person… A mix of deep introspection and light-hearted humor.

That’s actually a pretty good recipe for elopements as well. This formula creates space for the whole range of human emotion. It should be as profound, meaningful, and deep as it is whimsical, fun, and joyous. 

Elopements create the perfect canvas for you to fully express and represent your relationship. ESPECIALLY when you choose to elope in a stunning natural setting. 

Beyond breathtaking backdrops for your photos, the place you choose to elope is incredibly meaningful, and a significant part of your story. 

Combining the story of your love with connection to nature makes magic!…. The kind of magic I practice (although I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter…).

So… why elopements?


This concept is EVERYTHING. It is what your day is all about. First, your connection to each other. We are celebrating your love and your commitment. Second, your connection to nature. That’s why you’ve chosen an adventure elopement. I believe ALL connections deepen with time spent in nature. And lastly, your photos are going to keep you connected to all the wonderful feelings and memories from your wedding day.

Diversity & Inclusion 

We’re all humans. We all love. No matter the color, size, shape, gender, race, quirks, interests, what-have-you. Whatever form love takes is welcome and celebrated at Tule Walks. 

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility Leave no trace principles are observed and practiced at every Tule Walks event. Knowing and understanding the 7 principles is step one. But step two in knowing the environment. This both deepens your connection to the land, and increases your ability to care for it. That’s why I’m passionate about learning the natural history of all the places I travel. If you’d like to geek out about this with me, check out some of my blog posts with “Natural History” in the title. 

I value...

"Ginger is such a wealth of knowledge and talent! She made us feel comfortable right away and took us to some amazing spots we would never find on our own. Ginger captured our love, laughter and so much more. Have Tule Walks plan your next adventure, you will not be disappointed." 

-Kim & Wade

“She made us feel comfortable right away.”

“We had a great time working with Ginger. She picked a great spot, went out before to make sure the lighting would be good and made us feel relaxed during the photos. Would recommend if you like that romantic photo vibe, excellent communication, and professional photos that are unique and elegant.”

-Grace & Isaiah

“Photos that are unique and elegant.”

Curiosity & Growth

Some things that drive me and influence every part of my life and business

Connection to Nature & Time Outdoors

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Authenticity & Storytelling

Intention & Thoughtfulness

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In the Coastal Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, there exists a yurt village full of idealistic hippies, teaching outdoor education to young, moldable minds. They plant gardens, make music, and give each Nature Names… Tule was mine.

I chose it because it references a few different aspects of nature. It is a plant that grows in marshy ecosystems, a species of elk that lives in Northern California, and a type of fog that is super dangerous to drive in. It has it all! Animal, vegetable, atmospheric condition!

I used this name as an outdoor educator and as a PCT hiker. Both of these experiences were extremely formative and shaped who I am today. Tule Walks was the name of my PCT blog, and is now the name of my business.

Tule Walks is a name that connects me to nature, to my home, my values and the people I admire most. 

I see you’ve made it all the way down here… perhaps you’re curious…

WTF does “Tule Walks” mean?

Get rid of wedding stress once and for all.

I’ve been bitten by multiple seals (while working on wildlife rehabilitation in Ireland… DO NOT approach wild seals!)

Some Fun Things About Ginger

I can start a fire with a bow drill.

I hiked 1,100 miles in WA & OR on the PCT. My intent was to go the distance but my bank account had other ideas Back Then.

I find the Beach vs. Mountains debate to be unnecessary. Why choose?

I’m a Ravenclaw. 10 points to your house if you know Dumbledore’s favorite jam!

I’ve rafted the entire length of the Grand Canyon, but have yet to see it from the rim…

I’ve logged over 100 scuba dives. Some of which involved chasing invasive rainbow fish in the Mediterranean.

Enneagram 5 and Meyers-Briggs ENTP. Tell me if you know yours! 

Let’s Adventure.

I can’t wait to connect with you and hear all about your love story. Click the button below to get in touch. Let’s connect and start planning the stories you’ll tell for the rest of your life.

I’m Ready. Let’s Do it.