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I cannot wait to hear about what you’ve been dreaming up for your day! Give as much detail as you’d like. But also, it’s totally fine if you haven’t figured anything out yet. Please inquire anyway! That’s what I’m here for :)

Similarly, if you’re trying to elope last minute, reach out anyway. Great adventures can still be planned very quickly.

I typically respond to inquiries very quickly. Usually 24-48, but if you don’t see a response please check your spam folder just in case! 
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It really depends! The earlier the better for some places, like National Parks. Permitting can be an arduous process, so making sure to allot time for bureaucratic red tape is wise. 

3-10 months is a good amount of time to plan these things. Giving you time for things like: booking flights at a decent price, securing the perfect AirBnB, and wading through the aforementioned red tape. But if you want to elope next week, REACH OUT anyway, because there is definitely a chance that we can make it happen!

How far in advance should we book? 

The number of photographs you receive depends on how long the elopement is, and what we’re doing. A good estimate is roughly 50-75 photos per hour covered. But I will likely not snap too many photos when we’re driving to the next location. Longer hikes also yield less photos on average because, though that time is precious and important, a lot of hiking photos end up looking very very similar.

How many photographs do you deliver? 

Yes! I do. I do not travel terribly far for them, though. I am based in Oregon, but I travel to Southern Washington and Northern California frequently enough that I could make a session happen in and around those spots. 

Do you do engagement sessions? 

Not really… depending on my calendar. Part of the experience of a place is the weather. And in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is often unpredictable. With a combination of back up plans, flexibility and good gear, we will create a beautiful day. Rescheduling to the next day may cut into time I’ve allotted for travel to another destination, and is therefore often not possible. BUT! Like I said, we will have contingency plans galore, so fear not the unpredictability and fickleness of the weather gods.

Do you reschedule for “bad” weather? 

I love hiking! But that’s not all we can do. “Adventure” is in the eye of the experiencer. We can kayak, paddleboard, ride horses, rent off-roading vehicles, or whatever feels exciting to you… Or if your vibe is more mellow, a seaside picnic, a leisurely breakfast in a beautiful A-frame, or cooking a delicious dinner over a campfire. Basically, it’s your elopement, so you should do whatever you want.

Do you only do hiking elopements? 

Then the world is your oyster. I can provide recommendations based on things like your vibe, and the time of year you want to elope. We will work together to figure out the right adventure for you.

What if we don’t know where we want to elope yet? 

It would be my pleasure. Just let me know in the contact form where you're thinking of heading. I've got my Passport ready.

What if we want to elope in Iceland? Norway? Baja California? Hawaii? Do you travel?  

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