Intimate Boho Oregon Coast Elopement

Elopement, Oregon

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An adventure elopement is not always about hiking multiple miles and exchanging your vows at sunrise. While that’s awesome for some couples, a more mellow day is the perfect adventure for others.

In my opinion, a good adventure is whatever your heart is telling you to do that day. And elopements are amazing for that because there’s ample wiggle room for creating the day you want and adjusting it as needed.

Liz and Mikayla’s adventure for the day was slow and leisurely. Which was perfect for them. 

The Oregon Coast is an extremely popular destination for folks looking to escape the pressures of traditional weddings. For a good reason. 

There are cliffs and coves, beaches and bluffs, trails and tide pools. Lots and lots of opportunity for epic exploration. And lots and lots of potential for a memorable day.

I’m not sure what it is about rolling waves and a misty sea breeze, but it inspires a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. And those are two words that perfectly describe this Oregon Coast elopement. 

Hug Point is an amazing spot for many reasons, but the main attraction is the gorgeous beach waterfall that creates a stunning setting for wedding day portraits. Who doesn’t want a waterfall wedding? It adds an ethereal and romantic aspect to the adventure. 

The cascading water combined with dramatic bluffs made for some extremely picturesque moments. 

L & M decided to do their vow exchange beneath the roof of a beautiful sea cave. The darkness with the contrasting pale walls was a beautiful backdrop for their vows. 

Hug Point’s terrain is quite varied. The  shoreline is riddled with fascinating nooks and crannies to explore. And we did take full advantage. 

After the vow exchange, we explored caves and scaled rock formations.  And we definitely logged some time admiring the irresistible coastal waterfall. 

The Oregon Coast has so many intriguing spots for an elopement ceremony. There are overlooks, coves, forests and sprawling beaches to suit anyone’s desires. L & M fancied a stroll along the soft sands…so their first walk post vows included sand between their toes! 

Tides need to be taken into account when planning an elopement on the Oregon Coast. We did a bit of dodging sneaker waves, but nothing too scary. Our plans took us out onto the beach during low tide, and even though it didn’t coincide with the ideal golden hour for photos, we had a beautiful classic Oregon overcast day.

Intimate Boho Oregon Coast Elopement

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