50 Fun Things to do on your Elopement Day


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Here are some ideas to make your elopement perfectly represent your relationship. Whether you’re chasing adrenaline or taking it easy… there are no rules.

  1. Write love letters to each other
  2. Read letters from loved ones
  3. Go on a scenic hike
  4. Geocaching
  5. Go for a swim in a natural pool or waterfall
  6. Take a hot air balloon ride
  7. Have a dance party to your favorite songs
  8. Go horseback riding
  9. Go stargazing
  10. Make a wish and release a lantern
  11. Build Sandcastles
  12. Take a helicopter tour
  13. Go on a romantic boat ride
  14. Take a scenic drive in a rad rental car… convertible anyone?

  1. Take a yoga class together
  2. Share a sunset cocktail or mocktail
  3. Go kayaking or paddleboarding
  4. Go tide pooling
  5. Take a dip in a hot spring
  6. Visit a botanical garden
  7. Have a couples massage
  8. Wine, beer, cider or whiskey tasting
  9. Attend a local festival or event
  10. Take a cooking class together
  11. Play frisbee or fly a kite
  12. Wine and paint night
  13. Go on a scenic bike ride

  1. Have a bonfire and make s’mores
  2. Play music or sing together
  3. Draw or paint the landscape
  4. Draw or paint each other
  5. Float down a river
  6. Go ziplining
  7. Take a scenic train ride
  8. Make coffee after a sunrise hike
  9. Climb trees
  10. Visit a museum
  11. Cook a yummy breakfast in your AirBnB

  1. Have a beautiful Pop-Up picnic
  2. Go on a guided hike or nature walk (*cough* I can lead one *cough*)
  3. Mushroom foraging
  4. Rent a canoe
  5. Rock climbing
  6. Create scavenger hunts for each other
  7. Bungee jumping
  8. Attend a local sporting event or game
  9. Play a round of disc golf or mini golf
  10. Go birding
  11. Splash around in the ocean/river/lake
  12. Go whale watching

Eloping is such a special, memorable experience. And there are so many ways to make your elopement day unique to you.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, the possibilities are endless.

It’s your day. Do what you want!

Get in touch here to start planning the perfect day!

50 Fun Things to do on your Elopement Day

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