Makaela and Tyler’s Dreamy Pacific Northwest Forest Elopement in Welches, OR

Elopement, Oregon

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What comes to mind when you think of Oregon?

Probably a serene wooded landscape, with rays of sun streaming ethereally through the towering  forest canopy.  What is more classically Pacific Northwest than that?

When it comes to planning an elopement, there’s something truly magical about choosing a location that speaks to you and your soulmate.

For this couple, that special place was nestled in the lush Pacific Northwest forest near Mount Hood in Welches, OR. The forest offered a striking backdrop for an intimate and adventurous elopement, surrounded by majestic trees, ferns, and misty skies.

The day began in an A-Frame cabin in the forest, where the couple got ready for their ceremony. The rustic and cozy cabin set a soothing tone for the romantic day ahead.

This was a December elopement, and the decor was wintery. There was a tasteful array of festive evergreen foliage, and other sparkly accents. I loved the innovative rock slab name cards.

With Mount Hood National Forest just a stone’s throw away, the couple was ready to embark on their forest elopement adventure. It made a very scenic first look spot.

This was one of the most beautiful and emotional first looks I’ve had the honor of photographing.

Their elopement was a much needed break from some serious stresses in life, and the moment they looked at each other for the first time, the bride shed a single tear.

The ceremony took place in a small clearing in front of the cabin, just a stone’s throw away from Mount Hood National Forest.  

The bride looked stunning in her beaded chiffon dress and flowing, translucent cape, a unique take on a traditional veil and train ( more venue friendly, and offering a bit of warmth). 

The groom was dashing in a handsome suit and crisp white shirt. The pair looked luminous, their pale attire in breathtaking contrast to the dark forest tones around them.

Dew drops and and forest mist created a shimmering, romantic setting for the vow exchange.

After the ceremony, we went on a forest adventure, exploring the majesty of nature, and feeling dwarfed by the forest cathedral.

It was a serene, tranquil place to celebrate love, an adventurous spirit, and a new beginning.

Festivities continued back at the cozy A-Frame cabin, in front of the welcoming flames in the fireplace (it WAS December, after all!).

The couple was relaxed and comfortable, enjoying each other’s company and a lovely, holiday inspired wedding cake.

The ambiance was romantic, and it was the perfect way to cap off their forest elopement adventure.

An elopement in the Pacific Northwest forest is a truly memorable  and romantic experience.

The mountain scapes,  towering trees and lush foliage provides many  magnificent settings, all perfect for intimate and adventurous elopements.

This forest elopement adventure, near Mount Hood National Forest, was a testament to the beauty and romance that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Makaela and Tyler’s Dreamy Pacific Northwest Forest Elopement in Welches, OR

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