How to Connect with Nature on Your Elopement Day

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Embracing the Magic of an Outdoor Adventure

“I think I’m quite ready for another adventure.” -Bilbo Baggins (JRR Tolkien)

On your special day, there is no better way to create meaning and lasting memories than by connecting with the natural world. I believe this is because the beauty and reverence in nature mirrors the beauty and reverence in your relationship.

Tule Walks understands and celebrates the profound impact that nature can have on our lives. An adventure elopement is all about connections….connecting with nature and connecting with each other. 

Why Connect with Nature:

Nature awakens our senses and heightens our emotions. It inspires awe and wonder… feelings you hope to elicit on any special occasion, but especially an elopement. Incorporating  the outdoors into your special day creates a magical, transformative experience that transcends a conventional, predictable, cookie cutter wedding day. 

Connecting with nature provides:

AUTHENTICITY. Nature provides a beautiful  backdrop that compliments and communicates your beautiful love story in a magnificent, yet understated way.

It mirrors the authenticity of your relationship in a genuine, organic way, and is a perfect canvas for the brushstrokes of your future together. 

MEANING. Escaping the confines of traditional marriage ceremonies and focusing on nature allows you to craft a day immersed in meaning, and what matters to you as a couple.

Sharing companionable moments like listening to the thundering of a cascading waterfall, or exploring an intriguing trailhead hand-in-hand…

These are meaningful shared experiences that deepen your bond, nurture your relationship and make memories.  

SOUL SOOTHING. Nature can eliminate stress. Slow the pace. Promote clear thought.  It provides calm and solace, and a respite from the trials of daily life.

Nature can revitalize, and offer perspective. There is a tranquil kind of peace found in the mountains or at the seashore….an elopement in breathtaking natural settings is unhurried and romantic. 

7 ingredients for a perfect elopement:

  1. LOCATION: Select somewhere that resonates with you. Something that communicates your story in a personal way.  If you met while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, perhaps a scenic resupply spot would be memorable. Something seaside would be fitting if the ocean is what stokes the both of you. Or create new memories and explore someplace new together!
  1. SCENERY: Breathtaking views for sharing with the Someone who takes your breath away. Enough of waxing poetic…. But seriously, inspiring views can only make the occasion more beautiful. 
  1. RECON: Research possible destinations. Consider seasonality, accessibility and legal aspects (licensing, and permit requirements). I can help with this. Here are a few resources if you want to elope in Oregon. (But I serve the whole West Coast!)

 15 Spots to Elope in Bend, OR

Guide to Oregon Marriage Laws

How to Elope in Bend, OR

  1. AGENDA. Focus on nature when planning the day’s activities. Hike to a scenic overlook. Have a champagne toast by an alpine lake. Exchange vows in a canoe. Every moment should be meaningful…but perhaps allow for pockets of spontaneity. A loose itinerary balancing exploration and relaxation will allow time for embracing nature….and her elements. 
  1. SMELL THE FLOWERS: Seize the moments nature provides. Revel in the sun’s warmth, your wind-whipped hair, your dew-soaked Blundstones. Listen to birdsong and rustling foliage. Smell the pines, the mountain air. It all adds to the magic of the day. If you need more convincing, here’s 7 reasons why eloping is perfect for nature lovers.

  1. UNPLUG: Technology should play a minimal role, if any, in your special day. Granted there will be some instances requiring communication….but to fully embrace the moment, you need to be present. Being fully present for your partner will create the space needed for meaningful connection, and will enable the majesty of nature to work her wonders. I will send you a sneak peek of your photo gallery within 48 hours, for you to share with the world… so you can keep your phone in your backpack. 
  1. CAPTURE THE MOMENT: Choose a like-minded photographer. Someone who understands your desire to capture authentic moments with a minimum of staged poses. Look for someone who specializes in storytelling, and can artfully capture the essence of Your Story. Elopement photographers are skilled at weaving together the beauty of nature, the emotions of the participants, and the quirky little details that chronicle the magical day, and create lasting memories in images. 

Tips and Tricks for Connection

I, personally, have a significant amount of experience helping people feel present and connected to nature. 

As an outdoor educator and naturalist guide, it was my job to do so for many years, and I have PLENTY of activities, tips and tricks up my sleeve to help if you want or need any recommendations 🙂 

Here are a few:

  • Bring binoculars – They are so fun! I always bring enough to share. What if we see whales?!
  • Field guides – I always bring enough of these too. Field guides can help you connect by giving names to the things you see in nature. 
  • Bring a journal – Use it to record special moments or reflect on the day. It helps in practicing mindfulness on your day too.
  • Solo Sit Spots – This was always my favorite activity to do with my students. It’s quite simple, but quite profound. Just sit in a spot (I recommend at least 20 minutes), and just observe. What do you see, hear, smell, feel?
  • Pay attention to small details within the big picture. What tiny flowers were at your feet when you were gazing at the mountain peaks? 
  • Look for tracks to see who you’re sharing the landscape with. Coyotes? Owls? River Otters? You might be surprised!
  • Research what types of trees or flowers or birds you might encounter ahead of time. (Or ask me! I’d love nothing more.)

Connecting with nature on your elopement day adds an element of enchantment, authenticity, and adventure to your celebration of love.

By immersing yourselves in the beauty of the natural world, embracing its wonders, and engaging your senses, you’ll create an experience that is truly unforgettable. 

Allow the power of nature to guide you. Let its magic infuse every moment of your elopement. At Tule Walks, we specialize in crafting outdoor elopements that celebrate the beauty of nature and the authenticity of your love. 

Let us be your guide in creating an extraordinary experience that connects you deeply with each other and the world around you. Together, let’s embark on an adventure that will create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Get in touch to start planning your nature-inspired elopement.

How to Connect with Nature on Your Elopement Day

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