Best Places to Elope on the Oregon Coast

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Best Places to Elope on the Oregon Coast

Are you dreaming of an intimate elopement in a scenic location?  The Oregon Coast, with its stunning landscapes and storybook towns, offers the perfect setting for a memorable day. This guide will explore the best spots along the coast, divided into North, Central, and South regions.

Why Elope on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast boasts an array of breathtaking landscapes, making it an ideal location for couples seeking a unique and personal elopement experience. From rugged cliffs to serene beaches, each spot has its own character and beauty.

How to Elope on the Oregon Coast

Eloping on the Oregon Coast involves choosing a location, understanding local regulations, and preparing for the coastal weather. Consider working with an Oregon elopement photographer who can help establish a timeline, navigate the details,  and capture your special day.

Safety Considerations

Safety is crucial when eloping on the coast. Be aware of the tides (especially the notorious ‘King Tides’), weather conditions/predictions, and the terrain (so… proper footwear!) of your chosen location to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Making sure to hire an elopement planner or elopement photographer who is familiar with the Oregon Coast is a reallllllly good idea because of this. They’ll know specific areas that are still accessible and areas that are a NO GO during specific tidal conditions.

They can also help you make solid, still spectacular back up plans if things take a turn for the less-than-ideal.

North Coast Locations

Astoria Area (highlights— Fort Stevens State Park & Saddle Mountain)

Astoria, a historic city with a rich maritime heritage, offers a blend of culture and natural beauty.  Fort Stevens State Park presents a mix of history (military remnants) and natural coastal beauty.  Saddle Mountain promises a rewarding hike with panoramic views, ideal for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an ‘elevated’  elopement experience. Astoria’s range of accommodations and dining options adds some degree of convenience to those enjoying its scenic offerings. 

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is celebrated for its iconic Haystack Rock and stunning, wide beaches. It’s a perfect blend of natural splendor and artist colony, with an impressive collection of art galleries and fun specialty shops.  The town offers diverse accommodations, from cozy inns to upscale hotels…something to fit everyone’s taste and pocketbook. For a couple that desires both the scenic and the social, Cannon Beach checks all the boxes. 

Ecola State Park

Situated between Cannon Beach and Seaside, Ecola State Park offers lush forests, rugged coastline, and breathtaking ocean views. Its diverse landscapes range from tide pools (at Indian Beach) to dramatic overviews, providing a variety of beautiful backdrops for any ceremony and its components. Nearby towns offer the amenities for a memorable elopement…ample accommodations, dining and entertainment/recreation opportunities. 

Cape Kiwanda

Cape Kiwanda, in Pacific City, is renowned for its vibrant sandstone cliffs and captivating ocean views. The area is perfect for adventurous couples, offering activities like dune hiking and beachcombing. Pacific City provides a range of lodging options, from quaint bed and breakfasts to upscale resorts, and dining experiences that capture the local flavor.

Cape Lookout & Nehalem Bay

Cape Lookout State Park boasts dramatic, lively ocean vistas, while Nehalem Bay is known for its peaceful, secluded beaches. These areas are ideal for intimate ceremonies, offering lovely, serene natural settings. Nearby accommodations in small coastal towns provide quiet retreats, with essential amenities.

Oswald West State Park

A hidden gem with lush rainforests and secluded coves, Oswald West State Park is ideal for intimate, nature-immersed ceremonies. The park’s diverse ecosystems are interesting, and provide a variety of serene and beautiful backdrops for a vow exchange.  Nearby Manzanita oozes small-town charm with boutique accommodations and dining. There is a secluded vibe to this destination that somehow enhances the romance.

Hug Point

This name is just too good! It’s a more romantic (hug-worthy!) and secluded alternative to Cannon Beach, with the same access to the area’s lodging and dining options. Hug Beach is just south of Cannon Beach, and it offers a similarly picturesque beach setting. It has some unique features all its own, though… a waterfall and sea caves to name a few!

Lincoln City (highlights— Cascade Head & God’s Thumb)

Lincoln City is a blend of coastal beauty and urban convenience. The main attractions are Cascade Head and God’s Thumb, both of which offer stunning hilltop views that lend themselves perfectly to scenic elopements.  The city provides a range of lodging options, from luxury hotels to cozy vacation rentals, and a variety of dining choices as well. It is a versatile location for elopements, with easily accessible amenities.

Central Coast Locations

Florence Area & Yachats

Florence, nestled on the Siuslaw River, has a quaint small-town charm with a variety of local eateries and cozy accommodations. Yachats, known as the “Gem of the Oregon Coast,” is home to dramatic rocky shoreline vistas. Both areas provide serene and picturesque settings for elopements, with easy access to stunning beaches and the famous Heceta Head Lighthouse.

The Oregon Dunes (highlights—Honeyman State Park & John Dellenbeck Dunes Trail in Siuslaw National Forest)

The Oregon Dunes stretch over 40 miles along the coast, presenting a landscape of towering sand dunes unique to the Pacific Northwest. Honeyman State Park, near Florence, provides a splash of color in the form of an inland lake that contrasts dramatically with the vastness of the dunes…it creates a perfect, serene elopement setting. The John Dellenback Dunes Trail in the Siuslaw National Forest leads you through diverse ecosystems, including forests and wetlands, before opening up to a sea of sand – an ideal choice for nature-loving couples seeking adventure and solitude. Nearby Florence provides a range of accommodations and dining options, adding a bit of welcome comfort and convenience to the aftermath of your outdoor elopement escapades. 

South Coast Locations

Coos Bay Area (highlights— Bastendorff Beach & Shore Acres State Park)

Coos Bay, the largest city on the Oregon Coast, offers a blend of natural beauty and urban amenities. Bastendorff Beach is known for its wide, sandy shore, ideal for beachside ceremonies. Shore Acres State Park, with its well-tended gardens and rugged cliffs, provides a stunning backdrop for elopements. The area has a variety of accommodations, from charming bed and breakfasts to chain and luxury hotels… something for every preference.


This charming coastal town is renowned for its scenic beaches and unique rock formations, like Face Rock. Bandon is a picturesque setting for any elopement, with unspoiled beaches and the truly scenic Coquille River Lighthouse. The town provides a range of lodging options, from quaint inns to luxury resorts, as well as several dining establishments that showcase local seafood.

Port Orford Area (Cape Blanco State Park & Floras Lake State Natural Area)

Port Orford is a small fishing village… a quaint and peaceful elopement setting. There is a historic lighthouse at Cape Blanco State Park (is there anything more intriguing than a lighthouse?) and panoramic ocean seascapes that make up a dramatic coastal backdrop for adventurous eloping couples. Floras Lake State Natural Area offers a serene lakeside setting. The area, while more remote, has a few cozy lodging and dining  options.

Gold Beach Area (highlights— Kissing Rock, Otter Point, Cape Sebastian)

Gold Beach, known for its rugged and unspoiled coastline, provides a secluded setting for elopements. Kissing Rock and Otter Point offer stunning ocean views and unique rock formations, while Cape Sebastian State Scenic Corridor features more spectacular, panoramic views of the coast. The area has a range of accommodation options, from rustic to plush.

Pistol River Area (surrounding beaches— Meyers Creek, Pistol River Scenic Viewpoint & Crook Point)

This area is known for its wide, sandy beaches and the dramatic Pistol River Scenic Viewpoint. Meyers Creek offers a picturesque beach setting, and Crook Point boasts dramatic cliffs and ocean vistas. The area is  awash in natural beauty, but quite secluded… ideal for  privacy-seekers. There are limited, but charming, accommodations nearby.

Brookings Area (highlights— Sam Boardman Corridor & redwood trail)

Brookings, nestled near the California border, is a natural paradise. The Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor offers breathtaking coastal views, secluded coves, and lush forests. The nearby redwood trail provides a unique setting for a vow exchange…. among impressive, ancient trees. Brookings offers a range of accommodations and dining options, with its small-town charm and proximity to natural wonders.

Oregon Coast Elopement Photographer

When you are ready to hire an Oregon elopement photographer, I’d be honored to be considered. 

I love all things ‘Oregon Elopement’ and  would be so excited to help you plan your magical day in this beautiful state, whether it’s at Smith Rock or some other awe inspiring elopement location (there are so many in Oregon).

Check out my pricing page for more information.

Best Places to Elope on the Oregon Coast

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