Hannah & Issacs Romantic Engagement on the Windswept Oregon Coast 

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The Oregon Coast is teeming with scenic destinations for an engagement photo session. With over 400 miles of spectacular coastline, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

The breathtaking Oregon coast has something for everyone, extreme adventurers and hopeless romantics alike. From secluded seaside coves and windswept dunes to dramatic cliffs and lush forests, the Oregon coast offers a myriad of picturesque locations for capturing your love story.

Whether you’re seeking a primeval forest, rugged rock formations or a pristine beach for your engagement setting, the Oregon coast delivers a diverse range of landscapes to suit every couple’s vision and style. It’s especially perfect for nature lovers.

For Hannah and Issac, the Oregon coast did not disappoint. I helped them choose two beautiful spots on the northern Oregon coast, spectacular Ecola State Park and the quaint seaside town of Cannon Beach. 

Ecola State Park

Hannah and Isaac began their journey as a committed couple on a dove gray day in January. The starting point was Ecola State Park, on the north coast, about an hour’s drive from Portland.

There is much to recommend this picturesque jewel of a park, including nine miles of coastline. It is easily one of the most breathtaking places on the Oregon coast, possibly on earth.  The sweeping, panoramic ocean views and serene forest trails appealed to Hannah and Issac, and were the perfect place for capturing the love and magic of their special commitment to each other. 

The park’s rugged cliffs, sculpted by centuries of relentless ocean wind and waves, provide a dramatic backdrop for engagement photographs. The sheer scope and size, as well as the beautiful textures of these rock formations contribute to visually striking photos.

The park’s forest trails provide a different, more serene vibe. Ethereal, almost surreal. Towering old growth trees, blanketed in vibrant green moss, delicate ferns and understudy foliage, the patterns created by dappled, dancing sunbeams… all create a magical atmosphere that adds to the essence of romance.

There is no shortage of breathtaking backdrops for captivating engagement shoots in Ecola State Park. The natural settings lend themselves so effortlessly to capturing the love and connection between couples, as it did for Hannah and Isaac. 

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is home to the iconic Haystack Rock, a landmark as memorable as the day was for Hannah and Issac.  It is a coastal settlement that is a perfect blend of natural beauty and small town charm.

Beach towns are inherently romantic… and a perfect addition to an engagement itinerary. It’s impossible to resist walking hand in hand on the beach, and  through the downtown area with its quaint shops and cheerful cafes. 

What delighted Hannah and Isaac most, perhaps, was the herd of majestic elk grazing in the neighborhood park near where we parked our cars (after the short drive from Ecola State Park). With an adventure engagement or elopement, there is always a chance of wildlife sightings… this one certainly added an unforgettable element. 

Standing majestically just off shore is the magnificent Haystack Rock. It goes without saying that it is a striking focal point for an engagement shoot. It is a towering presence that communicates a sense of awe and wonder that somehow mirrors the occasion.

It didn’t dwarf Hannah and Isaac however. They were adorable together, quite in their own zone. They spent time exploring the shore, and embracing the day… the dunes, the sea smells, the music of the beach, the relentless hair-tousling wind, the light and shadows created by the temperamental weather.

They shared laughter, tender moments, hugs, snuggles, some mild horseplay and, at times, the warmth of each other. The clouds eventually parted and the sun made a grudging appearance, creating momentary shafts of light that illuminated Hannah and Isaac’s special day, their love, their special bond. 

As the sun set on the horizon, and a golden glow painted the seascape, I sensed a veiled excitement in Hannah and Isaac. It was the magic of the day, I think. Their engagement… the beginning of their journey together as a committed couple… had successfully been captured in a beautiful, meaningful photo gallery. And with it, the assurance of memories securely recorded.  Actually, the mood was quite catching… I always get a bit misty….

Hannah and Isaac’s engagement session on the Oregon coast was a testament to the wonder of love, the enchantment of nature and the profound beauty that results when combining the two (both spiritually, and in images).

Their poignant experience was filled with tenderness, joy, and the breathtaking grandeur of coastal Oregon. It was a  perfect segue into the very near future, when nature will again witness words of love (wedding vows!) in an ethereal forest setting. Congratulations, Hannah and Isaac! 

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Hannah & Issacs Romantic Engagement on the Windswept Oregon Coast 

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