Your dream elopement in the Columbia River Gorge
Portland, Oregon Elopement Photography

A Quick Guide Of Where to Elope and What to do for your adventure elopement in portland and the columbia river gorge

The columbia River Gorge is an Iconic Feature in the Pacific Northwest with so many Magical nooks and crannies to explore.

You're probably feeling a mix of things—

- Definitely stoked to adventure and celebrate your love story in one of the most amazing states in the US.

- Relieved to get the weight of everyone's expectations off of your shoulders.

- Just a smidgen overwhelmed about all the new things you need to consider for your elopement in Oregon.

You definitely want to elope in Oregon, and maybe the Portland area or the Columbia River Gorge is calling your name, but you may need a little bit of guidance...

Congratulations. You've chosen well.

Don't worry— You've got
questions,  I've got answers.

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Your Portland, oregon & Columbia River Gorge Elopement Photographer

I'm Ginger. A nature obsessed adventure elopement photographer. 

I live in Bend, Oregon— I have spent days (weeks) exploring the crazy amazing variety of landscapes that exist in Oregon, and the Columbia River Gorge is one of my favorites.

Towering cliffs, glassy lakes, mossy forests, gushing waterfalls, sweeping river views, craggy canyons...

On top of that, there is a rich culture of "doin' stuff" here in Oregon. Activities galore— rock climbing, brewery hopping, river floating, concert going, skiing & snowboarding, rock hounding, nature viewing... 

Oregon really does have it all— anything you could possibly want for an adventure elopement. 

Hey. I’m Ginger.

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Hey. I’m Ginger.

I'm Ginger. A nature obsessed adventure elopement photographer.

I live in Oregon, and have spent days (weeks) exploring the crazy amazing variety of landscapes that exist here.

Beaches, coastal cliffs, hot springs, volcanoes, alpine lakes, mossy forests, vast deserts, gushing waterfalls, craggy mountains...

Oregon really does have it all— anything you could possibly want for an adventure elopement.

Portland— and the Columbia River Gorge is an amazing option for an adventure elopement. It's accessible and epic at the same time. 

Natural wonders abound in the streams and canyons. Eagles and ospeys soar over kite surfers, and American Dippers (the cutest little river birds!) scale 100-ft watefalls.  

There's so much, it can feel a bit daunting, espcially since you've got two states at your fingertips! 

Feeling inspired?—

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The columbia River Gorge is one of my favorite Oregon playgrounds. Waterfalls, epic vistas, wildflowers... what more could you want?

The diversity of Oregon's landscapes is SO amazing that it might feel a little bit daunting...

Check out my Oregon gallery for inspiration and ideas for your Oregon elopement. :)


This concept is EVERYTHING. It is what your day is all about. First, your connection to each other. We are celebrating your love and your commitment. Second, your connection to nature. That’s why you’ve chosen an adventure elopement. I believe ALL connections deepen with time spent in nature. And lastly, your photos are going to keep you connected to all the wonderful feelings and memories from your wedding day.

Diversity & Inclusion 

We’re all humans. We all love. No matter the color, size, shape, gender, race, quirks, interests, what-have-you. Whatever form love takes is welcome and celebrated at Tule Walks. 

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility Leave no trace principles are observed and practiced at every Tule Walks event. Knowing and understanding the 7 principles is step one. But step two in knowing the environment. This both deepens your connection to the land, and increases your ability to care for it. That’s why I’m passionate about learning the natural history of all the places I travel. If you’d like to geek out about this with me, check out some of my blog posts with “Natural History” in the title. 

If you value...

...Then we might be a good fit.

Ginger was amazing! I had some pretty ambitious plans for a proposal at crater lake in the middle of a backpacking trip, and she absolutely nailed it. I even had a very last minute change of plans and she was incredibly understanding and helped to come up with a solution. She went above and beyond to make sure we had the perfect location picked, and even visited the spot in advance to send videos and make sure I knew where to be. If not for her, there is no way it would have been as special as it was.

Additionally, the photos she took were incredible. Masterfully and tastefully edited, they really do look just amazing. You cannot go wrong with Ginger!
- Joe A.

“She made us feel comfortable right away.”

"Ginger was absolutely amazing. She was the perfect missing piece to our wedding and we are so thankful! She is so down to earth, knowledgable, and makes you feel truly comfortable in front of the camera. We couldn’t have asked for a better photographer!"

- Daisy & Chary

“We Couldn't have asked for a better photographer!”

Let’s Adventure.

I'm so excited to hear all about your love story and start planning your dream Oregon elopement. Click the link below to get in touch!

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